Adam Gadahn Alive

We've all been hearing for sometime now that Adam Gadahn was dead. My sources continued to tell me no such thing. He has been in contact with Al Qaeda's number two, Ayman al Zawahiri through most of the summer. A US airstrike in Feb. 2008 in Waziristan led most in the intelligence community to believe he was dead.. Well where has Adam Gadahn been all of this time and why didn't he come forward before now. My sources say the explanation is very simple, he couldn't come forward until his beard grew back. Quite obviously right after that strike he went into his Western mode. Yes, Adam does pose as a Westerner when he is not doing PR for Al Qaeda. Who would better fit the bill as a Westerner than a Westerner, he certainly knows all of the ins and outs. In his 32 minute 7 second video tape he does occassionally touch his mustache, this is not coincidental, his mustache and beard are a big part of his disguise and have a lot to do with his locations. When he touches his mustache he's making reference to people that he will need to meet and where he will meet them. Of course Al Qaeda operatives that are close to him know his exact locations while he poses as a Westerner. Right after the US airstrike in Feb. Adam did spend most of his time in the Kashmir area, he seem to be held up in what could be considerd an infirmary by American standards, being taken care of by women that would be considered Catholic nuns in America judging by the way they dress. He returned to Pakistan in the past couple of months and has recently moved closer to the Afghan border. A couple of months ago al Zawahiri made it clear that he remains close to Adam Gadahn and he does remain in the top leadership role of Al Qaeda, third in line to him. He has really risen in the ranks from the days when he was simply a courrier for Usama bin Laden. There were times when Adam only served as a person who would meet Usama bin Laden and make it possible for him to be able to use a laptop. In those days their were three of them, one with the laptop, one with the cell phone and one who delivered the video tapes. At that time Usama bin Laden spent most of his time near the Kashmir boarder, the place that Adam Gadahn makes continued reference to in this video. Being the Westerner that he is he's also had quite a bit of influence in the British operations of Al Qaeda. Yes, it's easy for Adam Gadahn to slip in and out of a lot of places. Having said all of that, he does not have much contact with Usama bin Laden anymore, his mentor is al Zawahiri.

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