SOMALIA: Somali rebel mortars kill 5 near presidential palace

SYRIA: Fighting in Syrian Capital, U.S. Citizen Killed in Yemen

RUSSIA Report: Russian “anti-terrorism” troops arrive at Syrian port

ZAWAHIRI: Al Qaeda leader's brother to be freed in Egypt

INDONESIA: Suspected terrorists killed in shootout with police in Bali

PAKISTAN: In Pakistan, surviving suicide bombings is part of a political family's life

FRANCE: France opens terrorism probe into shootings

IRAN: New Sanction Severely Limits Iran's Global Commerce

FRANCE: France on highest terror alert in shooting region

Motorcycle gunman kills 4 at French Jewish school; same handgun used in attacks on soldiers

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AZERBAIJAN: Azerbaijan arrests '22 Iranian spies'

IRAN: Iran’s Ahmadinejad gets unprecedented grilling from parliament

KONY: Ugandans get first taste of Kony video – and don't like it

UGANDA: Ugandans get first taste of Kony video – and don't like it

AFGHANISTAN: Military Source Calls Incident At Afghanistan Airport An 'attempted Attack'

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan shootings: US soldier suspect flown out

PAKISTAN: Stop Iran gas project: US tells Pakistan

PAKISTAN: Pakistan ignores US threats and courts Iran

CHINA: China develops cold feet on Iran-Pakistan pipeline project

PAKISTAN: Leading News Resource of Pakistan - Pakistan, Sweden vow to double bilateral trade

YEMEN: Yemen’s Saleh demands 10 of his foes must leave the country with him

AFGHANISTAN: Panetta Safe After Nearby Truck Crash at Afghan Base

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